Spotlighting our Members' Philanthropic Efforts

Many of our members are extremely involved in their own charities.  We are spotlighting a few below.  We know they would appreciate your help.

1.  Carol Dennerlein Keirnan (Pennsylvania-1973)

The CHILD Cancer Fund (CCF) is a 501(c) 3 non-profit organization committed to providing caring support to families fighting childhood cancer.  Founded in 1994 by a group of dedicated parents with children in treatment, the organization strives to provide support and guidance to every family touched by childhood cancer.  Our programs and services are available to any family whose child receives treatment at Wolfson Children’s Hospital and Nemours Children’s Specialty Care.  Each year, 100 local families receive the devastating news that their child has cancer.

Our core program funds the Child Life Specialist position at Nemours Children’s Specialty Care. Through play, learning and self-expression, children learn to minimize the stress of treatment. The Child Life Specialist works with children and their families, helping them to cope with the often frightening treatment for childhood cancer.  During treatment and afterwards, children and their families need many different types of care and support.  We have a financial assistance program, fund a family retreat weekend, provide educational materials, help with tutoring expenses, and stock a snack cabinet at Nemours.

I have been on the board of the Child Cancer Fund since 1998 when our daughter, Christy, was in treatment.  Over the years, I have held a variety of positions within the organization – executive director, vice president, treasurer, secretary, Golf Tournament Chair, Wine Event Chair and I am currently the Vice President and a member of the Executive Team.  In 2005, when our daughter passed away, my husband and I created an endowment in her memory (The Christy Fund) to fund the flagship program of the organization – the Child Life Specialist Position at Nemours.  We have raised over $800,000 for the endowment and hope to reach our goal of 1.2 million in the next year or two.

Completing the endowment is our top priority and strategically very important to the organization.  Any funds that the Tri Deltas could raise to help us complete the endowment would have “forever” benefits to local families, as they deal with the day to day challenges of childhood cancer.  For more information about the organization, go to  To learn more about the endowment, click on the Christy Fund Button on the How to Donate Menu. 

You can also help Karen with her cause in the following ways:

1)  Annual golf tournament on Monday, May 2nd  at Jacksonville Golf & Country Club and the Kick-off party will be Friday, April 29th at the Sawgrass Country Club.  We can always use help with sponsorships, auction items, volunteers for the event, and help with running around and picking things up.

2)  Care-a-thon with radio station WOKV on August 28th.    We are looking for some big ticket auction items for this event and can also use some volunteers to help man the phone banks. 

3)  We are the beneficiary of a golf tournament held on New Year’s Day at Jacksonville Golf & Country Club.  We always need help with sponsorships and , raffle items for this event.

4)  Cary Hart at Aqua Grill will be holding a party before he moves into his new building and we will be the beneficiary of that as well.  Once again, we always need auction items.  No date set yet, but we anticipate some time in October.

If anyone has free time and would like to help out in the office, there is always plenty to do.   The office has recently moved to 4720 Salisbury Road, Jacksonville, FL  32256.  Anyone interesting in helping should contact our Executive Director, Carla Montgomery at 396-4223.

For more information, you can check out their website:

2.  Monica Bernhardt (Syracuse - 1989)

The mission of The Harvey Bernhardt Foundation is to provide one-time financial assistance for hardship cases related to medical or natural disasters, victims of crime or other tragedies.  Recipients must be citizens living and working in the North Florida community.  Recipients are referred by members of the community and work with the foundation to determine the best course of action.

There are  two main events:

1)  The holiday program on December 21. This will be in downtown Jacksonville at approximately 4:00. Location to be determined. The foundation will distribute $1000 to approximately 30-35 families. These are families that have been referred to them by other local organizations. They are all working families that are going through a tough time and don't have anything extra for the holidays. Each family will receive a $500 Publix Gift Card and a $500 Target gift card to provide food and cloths/toys for their families.  Volunteers are needed to help organize the event.

2)  The major fundraiser will be held on March 17, 2016. It is called Harvey's March Hoopla and is a celebration of college basketball. It is held the first night of March Madness at Deerwood Country Club. Everyone wears their college colors while they watch the games on tv.  There is a 3 point shooting contest, a 50-50 contest, a reverse raffle, and a silent auction. Committee members are needed to help with the planning and silent auction, as well as volunteers to work the night of the event.  You can also help by attending the event!

More information can be found on the website or facebook page.